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Our spring and fall bear hunts take place in the Yakutat area. Hunt areas are located within the Tongass National Forest with areas being permitted by the U.S.Forest Service, both on lands surrounding Yakutat Bay and Russell Fjord.

Spring hunts take place during late April through mid-May and fall hunts during the month of September.

Our camps are wall tents with wood floors and heaters with built in bunks & camp furnishings. Our hunts are conducted from these camps by 16' and 20' skiffs. We return to the camps for sleeping and eating. We do not use spike camps as we can cover a lot of good hunting country by boat.

We supply sleeping bags, sleeping pads, 35-liter dry bags, waterproof gun cases, and knee boots for client usage during their hunts.

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Recommended Gear & Clothing List

1 pair binoculars
Digital camera
Wool or polypropylene gloves
Rifle with 40 rounds of ammunition
Gun cleaning gear
Camp slippers
Lightweight long underwear
Heavyweight long underwear
Lightweight wool or polypropylene shirts
Heavyweight wool or polypropylene shirt
Lightweight parka or hunting coat

Wool or polypropylene trousers
Towel and washcloth
Soft gun case(s)
Wool cap (or polypropolene)
Brimmed cap or hat
Knife with sharpener
Personal toilet articles/medicines
Good quality 3/4 length rain parka with rain pants
Gortex chest waders with stocking feet or boots

We recommend Gortex chest waders because of the protection they offer from being in the rain, sitting in wet boats and beaches. We also suggest buying the stocking foot waders (where boots are worn over them) as they can be easily dried at camp.



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